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DIALIGN-TX [job submission]

Submit your sequences:

Upload a file containing dna sequences in multiple FastA format.
(Example Multiple Fasta file)

A detailed online help explaining the parameters of DIALIGN-TX is given here.

Recommended values are L=4, T=40.

Length of a low-scoring region (Details)
L =

Maximum fragment length that is allowed to contain regions of low quality
T = 

standard (-D)
translate DNA into aminoacids from begin to end (length will be cut to mod 3 = 0) (-T)
compare only longest Open Reading Frame (-L)
translate DNA to aminoacids, reading frame for each sequence calculated due to its longest ORF (-O)

Sensitivity (-l) =
 fast mode (-F), implies -l0, since it already significantly reduces sensitivity
 FASTA output

Further Information and Citation

Detailed descriptions of the program can be found in:

Research work using DIALIGN-TX/DIALIGN-T should cite the above mentioned publications.

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