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DIALIGN-TX [Multiple Sequence Alignment]

DIALIGN-TX: greedy and progressive approaches for segment-based multiple sequence alignment

By Amarendran R. Subramanian


DIALIGN-TX is a substantial improvement of DIALIGN-T that combines greedy and progressive alignment strategies in a new algorithm which is now available for download. Further information can be found in:

Further Information and Citation

More detailed descriptions of the methods can be found in:

Research work using DIALIGN-TX/DIALIGN-T should cite the above mentioned publications.

Download and Submission

Downloads are available on the download page.

If you don't want to install a local copy of DIALIGN-TX you can submit your data to DIALIGN-TX for online processing using a


Amarendran R. Subramanian


The alignment editor program STRAP by Christoph Gille supports DIALIGN-TX/DIALIGN-T as underlying protein alignment program.